Wyse 7020 P45 VMware

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Wyse P45 VMware® View-desktop: P45, PCoIP, Tera2, 32F/512R, 4x Displayport or DVI, NO POWER CABLE and PS/2 mouse, Fiber ready – optional.

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Wyse 7020 P45 VMware® View-desktop: P45, PCoIP, Tera2, 32F/512R, 4x Displayport or DVI4x , NO POWER CABLE and PS/2 mouse.

Experience uncompromised computing with the benefits of secure, centralized management. The Dell Wyse P45 PCoIP zero client for VMware View is a secure, easily managed zero client that provides outstanding graphics performance for advanced applications such as CAD, 3D solids modeling, video editing and advanced worker-level office productivity applications. About the size of a notebook, this dedicated zero client designed specifically for VMware View. It features the latest processor technology from Teradici to process the PCoIP protocol in silicon and includes client-side content caching to deliver the highest level of display performance available over 4 HD displays in a compact, energy-efficient form factor. The Dell Wyse P45 delivers a rich user experience while resolving the challenges of provisioning, managing, maintaining and securing enterprise desktops. Fiber ready, optional.

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909102-02L P45 DP, 909102-22L P45 DVI, 909102-52L P45 DP FIBER, 909102-72L P45 DVI FIBER