Wyse D90Q8 WES8 Quad – LAST STOCK

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Wyse D90Q8, WES8 quad-core thin client based on Windows Embedded 8, base model 16GF/2GR, incl. power cable and PS/2 mouse. Options for WiFi.

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Product Description

Wyse D90Q8 WES8 – Quad-core performance in a compact package

With the Dell Wyse D90Q8, Dell has raised the thin client bar by introducing a quad-core thin client with superior compute performance, energy efficiency and HD multimedia for a broad range of desktop virtualization environments, including Citrix, Dell, Microsoft and VMware. This ultra-high performing fan-less and diskless thin client also provides:

  • Flexible networking, I/O and storage options for a wide range of deployment scenarios
  • Infrastructure security due to the centralized hosting of all applications and profiles
  • Easy and highly scalable management, to over 100,000 devices, with Dell Wyse Device Manager software

The Dell Wyse D90Q8 is a high-performance Windows Embedded Standard 8 thin client for virtual desktop environments. Featuring a quad-core AMD processor and a revolutionary, unified engine that eliminates performance constraints, the D90Q8 achieves outstanding speed and power for the most demanding VDI and embedded Windows applications, rich graphics and HD video. Take a unit from box to productivity in minutes. Just select the desired configuration and the D90Q8 does the rest automatically-no need to reboot. And with Microsoft Windows Embedded Device Manager connectivity, you can leverage your existing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager platform. The D90Q8 is an ideal thin client for demanding virtual desktop or cloud applications.


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