Realtime IT operations

Real-time visibility and control over your virtual data center, VDI, RDS, physical servers, endpoints and more


Real-Time Visibility

ControlUp’s real time views of the virtualized data center are second to none. Other platforms use delayed performance collection and their views show stale data. ControlUp shows the full stack in one pane and lets you drill deep, so you can see what’s happening in real time – from the big picture of the data center to the fine-grained process level

Real Simple

Anything that takes more than 5 minutes to set up isn’t simple. ControlUp is very simple to deploy and configure even if your Enterprise IT deployment has a large VDI, RDS, physical PCs or any combination of the above, ControlUp will take five minutes to be up and running! Forget about databases, setup routines, virtual appliances or other complex prerequisites. Just click your way to real time power

Real Power

ControlUp’s extensive gallery of built-in management actions gives you the power to act and remediate problems in real-time and within context. You can add your own scripts or leverage scripts contributed by other SysAdmins to spread your IT management wings. With ControlUp targeting multiple hosts, servers, users, sessions, or processes is a breeze. You can act once and don’t need to waste time performing the same action over and over again.

Real Insights

ControlUp’s dynamically set triggers ensure that your monitoring is constantly tuned, optimized, and up-to-date with vendor best practices and known IT issues so you don’t miss a beat. ControlUp’s built-in analytics capabilities let you generate powerful reports, correlate hosts and OS metrics to get a fine-grained understanding of your network performance.

Smart-X was established in 2009, by a team of IT experts who have been active in the field of Server Based Computing and System Administration for more than a decade. With products which are used by thousands of companies around the world, With products like ControlUp, Smart-X helps IT professionals efficiently manage, optimize and improve IT systems performance in every industry.

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